New Patient Program

Our New Patient Program has been updated to give our patients the gentlest possible introduction into weight loss and offer a smooth transition into the Basic Weekly Program to start their weight loss journey at Medical Weight Controls. It includes the following:

1 Week Of Appetite Suppressants

  • Take in the morning before or after breakfast (depending on your preference)
  • Will curb the appetite
  • Even if you’re not feeling hungry you will want to force yourself to eat smaller meals all throughout the day.
  • It will assist in portion control

1 Week Of Fat Burner

  • Take 1‚ 1½ hours before exercise, or at the busiest time of your day
  • May make the body feel hot. Will increase the amount your body is sweating. When you sweat you burn calories and when you burn calories you burn fat.

1 Water Pill

  • Relieves any water retention
  • Also helps balance your blood pressure
  • Keep the body hydrated even when taking this pill

1 B12 Injection

  • Gives a boost of energy
  • Great vitamin for the body

1 Lipo-B Injection

Lipo-B is a weight loss injection designed to boost your metabolism. This supplement helps your body to turn fat into energy, so you feel at your best while losing weight fast. As part of a larger weight loss plan, a lipotropic injection provides a great baseline for fat loss and weight loss. To get the full benefits of the Lipo-B shots, you must also maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

1 In-Body Scan

The InBody breaks your physique down into a comprehensive report and gives a general overview of your body fat percentage, muscle mass, water retention, and basal metabolic rate. With this information, our team of skilled professionals can determine your body type and help you create a tailored plan to target your specific plans.

1 Month Supply Daily Multi Vitamin

Multivitamins are the foundation of any balanced nutritional supplement routine. Comprehensive nutritional support for men, women and seniors. Also helps reduce stress.


As dietary supplement, take one (1) tablet daily or as directed by a physician.