Basic Weekly Program

Returning Patients Weekly Program

Our Basic Weekly Weight Loss Program is designed as a continuing series to support you in every step of your journey. We offer two week or four-week programs at this time. It includes the following:

**If you have not been an active patient for six months or more, you will be considered a new patient and have to do the New Patient Program your first visit back.

1 Week Of Appetite Suppressants

  • Take in the morning before or after breakfast (depending on your preference)
  • Will curb the appetite
  • Even if you’re not feeling hungry you will want to force yourself to eat smaller meals all throughout the day.
  • It will assist in portion control

1 Week Of Fat Burner

  • Take 1‚ 1½ hours before exercise, or at the busiest time of your day
  • May make the body feel hot. Will increase the amount your body is sweating. When you sweat you burn calories and when you burn calories you burn fat.

1 Water Pill

  • Relieves any water retention
  • Also helps balance your blood pressure
  • Keep the body hydrated even when taking this pill

1 B12 Injection

  • Gives a boost of energy
  • Great vitamin for the body

1 Lipo-B Injection

  • Detox Kidneys, Liver, Gallbladder
  • Increases Inch Loss
  • Increases Skin Tightening